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Self-portrait on my first role of film; Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY; July 2019

Hello! Thank you for landing here.

I'm a writer and photographer based in New York City. I use my notebook, camera and dance moves to reflect my experience of this wild life ride we're all on together.

I use recorded images (both written and light-made) to reflect the inevitability of interdependence and the nonlinear nature of time, exploring how we exist within those frameworks: full of feeling and perceptive of truth, trying always to reconcile our deaths. In gathering evidence of how we’re here—maybe as some of the last generations of our species—I'm most interested in illuminating the immaterial dimensions of living, those qualities that may not be quantifiable but which resonate with our spirits.


Through analog and Earth-honoring processes, I endeavor to demonstrate a freedom of experience and imagination that preserves the markings of technical mistakes, celebrating chance, ordinariness, and the reality of only ever being able to hold on to anything for a mere shimmering moment.



pronouns: she/they

all images © alexis o'brien photography

all photos included on this site are done so with the permission of their subjects

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